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Top FAQs

  • Do you have (this particular item) in your stores?

    • The best way to determine if a store has a specific item youโ€™re looking for is to either call or stop by 1 of our 12 storefront locations in-person. A manager or associate will gladly give you all the information and details you need via phone or in-person. Additionally, you can check out our online eBay store as some (not all) of our items are listed on there.

  • How much would you give me for this particular item?

    • Unfortunately, we canโ€™t really give out estimates online as itโ€™s too difficult to determine an accurate price without assessing the item(s) in-person. However, if you browse online/on eBay, as to what your item goes for used (pre-owned), it would probably be around that (plus or minus) depending on the condition, demand, etc.. Although, that being said, we are widely known for consistently paying our customers the most for their items, amongst all other pawn shops.