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Shop online within our eBay store as some (not all) of our merchandise is listed on there.

Since 1995, Money When You Need It!


Fall River Pawnbrokers has been serving communities across New England - providing a wide variety of financial/loan services. We buy and sell jewelry, electronics, tools, instruments, vehicles, and everything in between. Stop by one of our 12 locations or shop our eBay store!

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  • We buy/sell a wide variety of item including: jewelry (gold, silver, platinum), electronics, tools, home/garden, sporting goods, instruments, and much more

  • We offer several different types of financial services - collateral (pawn) loans, vehicles loans, and hard money loans

  • We have a Free Layaway Program (10/10/10) - 10% down, pay 10% per month, for a total of 10 months

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have (this particular item) in your stores?

    • The best way to determine if a store has a specific item you are looking for is to either call or stop by the storefront location in-person (we have 12 different stores throughout New England - their inventories are always varied and changing. When calling/visiting a store, a manager or associate will gladly give you all the information and details you are seeking. Additionally, you can check out our online eBay store as some (not all) of our items are listed on there.

  • How much would you give me for (this particular item)?

    • Unfortunately, we cannot really give out prices/estimates online as it is too difficult to determine an accurate price without assessing the actual item(s) in-person. There are too many variables such as the model number, existing condition, etc that we have to assess before giving an estimate on what it is worth. We try to be as fair and honest as we can by giving you the highest prices for you item(s) we can manage. However, if you browse online, as to what your item goes for used (pre-owned), it would probably be around that (plus or minus) depending on the model, condition, demand, etc.. Although, with that being said, we are widely known for consistently paying our customers the most for their items - amongst all other pawn shops in the area.

  • Do you accept (this particular item)?

    • We typically accept a wide range of various merchandise. It is difficult to give a definitive answer via phone or through email/messaging as it sometimes depends on a number of different variables. Furthermore, sometimes it depends on the particular store you want to visit, what that store currently has in stock, the model/year/condition/etc… of the item, and so on. However, if you stop by one of our twelve storefront locations, we will happily take a look at your item(s) and see if/what we can offer you. Hope to see you soon! :)

Customer Reviews

“Great place, friendly people. great prices! I’ve enjoyed my experiences in the stores, finding a treasure hidden and speaking to the employees about them.”

“The Fall River Pawnbrokers on Elmwood ave in Providence Rhode Island are the best! Very friendly. Very fast and they remember me. Have been going there for almost two years!”

“Awesome staff, clean store. Always great prices. Best pawn shop in [New Bedford]”