Careers - Work With Us

Pawnbroking offers many career opportunities. If you have good communication and customer service skills then consider applying for one of the jobs we typically offer which include - sales/loans associates, eBay specialists, and assistant/general managers. At the pawnshop, typically every day is different. It’s a very engaging and educational workplace environment as you have a wide variety of items being bought, sold, and loaned. Additionally, people from all backgrounds and ages come to the shop, so it can be a great experience to advance your communication skills which is valuable to hone in all aspects of life.

Benefits to Working in a Pawn Shop

  • Job security - not called a “recession proof business” for nothing. Pawnbroking has been around for 3,000+ yrs

  • Every day is different - unlike a normal retail store

  • Continuous real life learning experience - many different aspects of the industry

  • Hone and refine your people skills - deal with wide range of people on a weekly basis

  • Opportunities for advancement

  • Increase your knowledge of consumer based products

  • Inevitably learn how to budget better and overall improve your financial knowledge